We are now hiring & training staff to reopen....


Get ready to Drink, Eat, Play, Vibe!


We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you with a new line up of amazing drinks, food, games, and weekly entertainment!
Cafe Rack will be offering the Bay Area the perfect blend of incredible fun that includes exotic drinks, amazing food, team games, and entertainment!
We are prepared for the corporates, families, and friends in the community to drop by or schedule events to have a memorable time.  Our master chef designed a menu that will impress the community members with unique and organic international cuisines from cultures that represent the Bay Area!
We look forward to serving you with a menu of exotic drinks and dishes designed to invigorate your appetite and vibe!

Monday-Friday: 4:00pm-7:00pm


We are a 21 and over establishment

Playing most regularly aired games on at least one of our 8 HD TV's!
Always safe to call and confirm.            

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Happy Hour Mon-Fri!

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12 Beers on Tap

12 ice cold beers on tap

16 bottled