Want to book a party?

Contact Shawnday at: info@thecaferack.com


General Information

Whether you’re planning a small gathering of friends or a large corporate event we think you’ll find The Broken Rack a great place for a party. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or retirement here and it will be our pleasure to buy the guest of honor’s first drink. By reserving various parts of our room, we can accommodate up to 100 guests, except on Friday and Saturday nights, when we usually book only smaller parties of 30 or less. Groups of 100 to 200 would require closing the room to the public, which we do not promote, but have done on a few special occasions in the past.




Pool is a game almost anyone can play to some degree and enjoy. It promotes interaction and socialization among guests and it’s just plain fun! Parties reserve the number of tables they expect to need in the part of the room they prefer and pay the same, prorated rate other customers pay. This way, if a party finds they need fewer tables than anticipated, they can release the unnecessary tables and stop paying rent on them. Or, if more tables are wanted and available, they can easily be added.



Party with a Pro!

Some groups find that hiring an experienced player like our House Pro, Eleanor Callado, to give a demonstration, offer instruction or run a tournament, adds to the fun of the event. Currently the rate for this service is $75 an hour with a two hour minimum.




You’re free to bring in balloons, streamers, etc. Only tape on the walls and confetti are not allowed. If you’d like us to order balloons, flowers, etc, we’ll do so for a modest service fee.